10cmx150cm Gold Vinyl Wrap Film Car Sticker Decal Air Bubble Free


Description:Synthetic polymer PVC film, molecular structure is stable and difficult to change;Fit every corner of the body;Converted into your favorite color is special.Instructions:First: with a damp cloth to clean the part you want to paste. And blow-dry.Second: when paste,beginning from a small portion, slowly stretched and Calibrating with hard board,if there are air bubbles, and then slowly tear and Calibrating, taillights have hit the surface of the place,after only slightly heated, there is a strong malleable and can be stretched.Taillights curved surfaces ,just need a little heated, there is a strong malleable and can be stretched.Finally, just cut off the excess part of the periphery.Removal method:Turn off the lights and wait shell after cooling for some time, feeling a warm and directly tear remember;Do not remove over cold or overheating.Specification:MaterialPVCSize10x150cm (4 x60)ColorGoldPackage Included:1x Car gold film

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