10pcs/set TIG Welding Torch Accessories Kit Collets Body Glass Cup Lens Gas Insulator for TIG WP-17/18/26 Series


10pcs TIG accessories, can be used for WP-17/WP-18/WP-26 TIG welding torches.
Set includes collets, back cup, collets body, glass cup, etc.
With excellent plasticity, toughness and crack resistance.
Can be welded carbon steel and some low alloy steel.
The glass cup is designed to aid precision soldering and tiny work where it requires to see the location very clearly.

1 * 10N24S Collets for Tig Welding Torch 2.4mm 3/32
1 * 57Y03 Medium Back Cup for Tig Torch Welding
1 * 17GL332 Collets Body 2.4mm 3/32
4 * Temperature Resistant O-rings
1 * Glass Cup
2 * Lens Gas Insulator

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