12V Universal Car without Electric Starter Battery Protection Device Depletion Limiter


Description:1. When your car is parked for too long, the battery is depleted, or you forget to turn off the lights, the car cant start, it wastes a lot of precious time, and it also brings a lot of trouble. I believe many car owners have had such experience. . The emergency power supply should be recharged frequently. It must be carried with the car. Once it is forgotten to be charged or forgotten to carry, it still cannot solve the problem of no power start.2. In order to make it easier and more convenient, and to solve this problem completely, we have developed this car worry-free start treasure. This product is small in size and easy to install. As long as it is installed on the car battery, you dont have to worry about it. The car can be monitored and controlled automatically by the car without worry. When the battery loses power to a certain extent, it will limit the battery and save it. Even in the case of weak power, this worry-free starter can still start your car normally.Feature:Small size, low cost, easy to installDoes not affect the battery and the car, no need to break the lineDont worry about the battery losing power or forgetting to turn off the lights, so the car cant start.Suitable:Applicable models: all 12V carsBattery model: universal all 12V batteryApplicable voltage: 12VPackage weight: 563gPacking size: 13*13*5cmPackage Included:1 X Car Worry Free Charging Treasure1 X Positive Plate (or negative plate, optional, depending on the space next to the battery)

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