13.4 * 9.1 inch Silicone Heat Insulation Soldering Iron Maintenance Mat Electronics Disassembly BGA Soldering Repair Platform Pad with Ruler Screw Notches


Perfect for soldering electronics assembly or electronics circuit board repair, such as for smart phone, sports watch, camera, smart toy, eyeglasses, etc.
Designed with a scale ruler(0-20cm) multiple notches to classify screws, IC chips and small parts, making your repair work easier.
Resistance to high temperature of 500C(932F), can well protect the maintenance platform from burn.
Excellent heat insulation performance enables you to use the the soldering iron to directly solder in the mat.
Made of flexible silicone, foldable and portable, convenient to use.
Both surfaces can effectively prevent sliding, so it won't slide around on your desk and the small parts will stay firmly as well.
Easy to clean for long term use.

It is normal if the product has a little ordor. You can wash it and then place it in a place with good ventilation to eliminate the odor.

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