3 in 1 Practical Automatic Mobile Phone OCA Glass Film Laminating Machine Built-in Vacuum Pump Air Compressor AC100-240V


With the film laminating machine, it is easy and fast to paste OCA to the glass of phone screen.
With built-in vacuum pump and air compressor, the glass is forced to attach to the machine firmly, no traditional holding tool required.
There is a valve to control the suction of the under plate. When the suction of the under plate becomes strong, the suction of the upper plate becomes small.
Close small holes on the operating plate make the suction effect much stronger.
Automatic operation(type 1) ensures better laminating effect and can keep the sticker clean.
Simple structure, convenient to operate.
Suitable for iPhone/Samsung phones repair.

1.First use the tape to seal the upper and the under suction plate.
2.Put the glass in right position and let the machine roller can cover the edge of the glass, then use a pen to make a mark so that you can find the same place for next operation.
3.On the under plate covered by the glass, use sharp stuff to make one hole between two holes.
4.OCA must be aligned to the roller and the roller must press on the edge of OCA. On the upper plate covered by OCA, use sharp stuff to make holes completely.
5.Plug the power line, turn on the vacuum switch.
6.Put the glass on the marked place, turn on the vacuum switch.
7.Tear off the protective film of OCA and turn off the vacuum switch.
8.Press the upper plate on the under plate and turn on the vacuum switch.
9.When the OCA has been sucked, lift the upper plate and tear off another protective film softly.
10.Press the upper plate on the under plate, push it forward(the automatic machine just need to press the start button). Turn off the power switch and finish lamination.

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