4.3 Inch P12 Car HUD Head Up Display OBO OBO2 Auto Digital Meter Speed Warning


Description:This product connects car OBD2 interface by OBD cable, and display the driving datas, e.g. vehicle speed, engine RPM,water temperature, fuel consumption etc. It can keep the drivers eyes always on road to avoid the dangerous of loweringdown head to read the dashboard. This product wont change any car ECU datas.OBD smart digital device is equipped with a very powerful detection for error code, the device can display the error codeinformation clearly in text form,and it can clear the fault information,and display accelerating competitive mode,brakeperformancetest mode, read the entire vehicle data stream information,and the other functions.Feature:1. Available for cars with OBD2 and EUOBD port(Car automatic diagnosis system), plug and play.2. TFT LCD multi color smart display.3. The first scan will show the vehicle protocol.4. The language can be changed.5. Multi function display mode or simple function display mode can be switched freely.6. Add new functions: accelerating competitive mode ,Brakeperformance test, can read the entire car data stream information.7. Rich Contents: vehiclespeed, engineRPM, watertemperature, voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuelconsumption, sumdriving distance measurement, driving time, low voltage alarm, high water temperature alarm, over speedalarm, engine fault code alarm, eliminate the fault code,freely switch between kilometersmiles.Specification:Environment Temperature: -40c 80c atmospheric pressure 86-106KPaRelativ

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