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Using 100% physical mosquito eradication method, the newly upgraded mosquito killer has no poisons, harmful chemicals or radiation and is extremely quiet and safe.Features:1. Fan Suction Principle: The mosquito will be attracted by LED light, and when they fly to the lamp, the fan devices equipped in the lamp will suck mosquitoes into the lamp and mosquitoes dehydrated to die. Efficiency to any small flying insects.2. Harmless and Healthy: No chemical, nontoxic and no odor, the LED mosquito killer lamp adopts safe and healthy physical way to kill mosquito. Say good bye to traditional and harmful insect repellent and spray. Suitable for baby or pregnant women use.3. Easy to UseEnergy-Saving: This mosquito trap can be powered by any USB devices such as computer, laptop, power band, USB adapter and so on. 5V working voltage ensures safe to touch and energy-saving.4. Silent Sleep Night: The built-in fan continuously works once powered on. It will not make big noise to disturb your sleep. Rotating the trap box, you can pour out the dead mosquito, very convenient for you. Please dont put this mosquito killer lamp nearby you and put it under the bed for better effect.5. Easy to clean. Dead flies or mosquitoes get trapped in a neat hidden tray located at the bottom of the device. To clean, simply remove the tray and wash with warm water, let it air-dry.6. Wide Application: Great for indoor use, such as home, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, warehouse, hotel, etc.Specification

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