Bostitch FN1528 44mm Angled Finish Nails 15 Gauge Galvanised Pack 3655


Fixing nails for the N62 FNK-2 finish power nailer. 25° Collation Angle Finish Nails and Brads have heads that are rectangular. They are the same width as the shank, but the breadth of them is greater than the shank. This ensures that their holding power is enhanced, but of course the pull through force is lower than for nails with larger, Round or Clipped Heads. Note: This nail will also fit the N60FN and the N59FNK models. Applications – Partition walls, shop and bar fitting, light framing and timber construction and most second fit applications.Type – 15 gauge angled finish nail.Finish – Galvanised.Length – 44mm.QTY – Box 3655.

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