Car Engine Push Start Buttons RFID Lock Ignition Starter Keyless Entry Start 12V


Feature:1. Push button engine start.2. Telecontrol starting function3. Remote start 6 seconds preheating in advance function.4. Automatically lock the host after stalling 35 seconds.5. 10 minutes timing flameout function after telecontrol starting.6. Telecontrol starting safe handbrake detection function.7. Automatic locking the door function after telecontrol starting.8. Open acoustics and dashboard function.9. RFID engine lock.10. Immobilizer, with warded lock card anti-theft function, the system will enter arming modeafter 15 seconds automatically when car is stopped.11. In arming mode, when the responder gets close to (about 2 – 5cm) the wire circle, the systemwill sound Bi Bi, which indicates the system is disarm.12. Can be matched your car alarm system or keyless entry system.13. Can be used in all kind of cars.Specification:Functions: Improve driving safetyMaterial: ABS,Electronic Components,MetalColor: BlackWorking voltage: +12vWorking current: 3mAPackage weight: 362gFitments:DC12V CarsInstruction Manual:A: Step the brake and press the ignition button.B: If do not step the brake the sequence of pressing the ignition button is followed as ACC-ON-OFF-ACC-ONC: When deriving ,step the brake and press the ignition button, the engine off.D: The difference of remote engine start in cold weather and warm weather1. in warm weather, press engine start button shortly2. in cold weather, long press engine start button unitl the engine is started.Package Included:1 X Car Engine Pus

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