Carevas Back Decompression Belt Lumbar Support Brace Spinal Air Traction Device Back Pain Relief CE & FDA Approved


?Working Principle?After inflated, it can provide a traction and enough decompression for waist spine to elongate theintervertebral space in lumbar spine, and to reduce vertebral burden alleviate back pain.
?Relax Muscle Disease?It can relax lumbar muscle spasm, strain and pain.
?Help Treatment Relief?Reliable to help relief pain of degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, sciatica, spondylolysis, pain in back, hip, thighs, legs and feet caused by bulging discs and herniated discs.
?Good Lumbar Support?Design to maintain proper posture, help intervertebral disc, nucles pulposus back to its naturalposition.
?Hand Pump Inflation?Equip with hand pump to adjust air pressure manually. With air pressure gauge to monitor thewhole process.
?6 Size Selectable?6 size for people in different waistline: S(26-32);M(32-36);L(36-40);XL(40-46);XXL(46-52);XXXL(52-58). Also provide a magic tape strap to extend waistline.
?Widely Usage Product?Suits people who doing strenous work, heavy lifting, driving, and people with upper disease.Can be used at home, office, car, standing or sitting use acceptable.Light-weight, can be wear over thin clothes.
?FDA CE Approved?Good product, reliable with FDA and CE certificates.

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