DeWalt Circular Saw Blade Series 40 216 x 30 x 80 Teeth


The DEWALT Series 40 circular saw blades, high precision laser manufacture ensures a flat blade body and engineered expansion slots prevent blade overheating and warping. General-Purpose K10 carbide tips cope with wood and non ferrous – metals and can be resharpened 10 to 15 times. For extra fine cuts in plywood, veneers, softwood and hardwood. These blades are designed with triple chip grind geometry which gives an excellent surface finish on the workpiece. The blades are tuned to avoid breakout on laminate materials and are suitable for aluminium Specification:Blade Diameter 216 mmBore Size 30 mmKerf thickness 2.6 mmTooth Count 80Grind geometry Triple ChipRake angle -5°

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