DY4100 Ground Insulation Resistance Tester Digital Rocker Lightning Protection Ground HD Digital Display Screen Dustproo


Description:1. Meet a variety of different occasions. Make measurements smarter and more convenient2.Measure the grounding resistance for about 5 seconds .Measure the grounding voltage for about 2 seconds.3.The outer casing is made of thick material Resistance to falling,dust, moisture, etc. Have a protective effect for the instrument.Specification:Mode: DY4100Resolution: 0.01Data Hold : yesWorking LED Indicator: yesFunction Symbol Display: yesTow Battery Warning: yesEarth Voltage: 0-30V (3%+5)Earth Ground Resistance: 0/20/200/2000 (2%+ 3)Voltage range: can withstand 300V AC (1 minute)Resistance range: can withstand 200V AC (10 seconds)Grounding Resistance Test Requirements:a. AC working ground, the grounding resistance should not exceed 4.b. safe working ground, the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4.c. the grounding resistance of the lightning protection ground should not exceed 100.d. For jointed grounding of shielded systems, the grounding resistance should not be reater than 10.e. DC working grounding, grounding resistance should be determined according to the specific requirements of the computer system.Ground Voltage Measurement:Please turn the dial switch to the grounding voltage EV file and connect the test line according to the grounding voltage test chart.The ground voltage will be automatically displayed. Please make sure that the ground voltage is 10V. If the local voltage is 10V.the grounding resistance measurement value may cause an error. At thi

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