Enusic™ 12V-24V 10W Fishing Light LED Underwater Lure Finder Lamp Waterproof Attracts Prawns Squid Krill


Description:1. Awesome underwater fish attractant.2. Perfect for boats, docks and piers.3. Compact size for easy storage.4. Industrial-grade, fully-submersible design5. 360 degree light view6. Can be used both in fresh water and salt water.7. Perfect light for crappie, shad and even squids.Specification:Operating voltage: DC 12V – 24VPower: about 10WLED Color: white / green / warm / blueLamp body size: Diameter 46mm, height 96mmCable Length: 500mmWaterproof rating: IP68HOW IT WORKS?The special green led light cuts through the dark water of night, and within minutes microscopic creaturescalled zoo-plankton begin to home in on the green light source, very much the way insects are drawn to outdoor lighting.Small fish soon follow, attracted by the zoo-plankton. Each link in the food chain is followed by the next, over minutes and hours.Soon shad and other bait fish will surround the light, which brings in the crappie and other bait predatory fish.Note:Squid self-illuminated green light and are more attracted to the green leds, where krill and phytoplankton are more attracted by blue LEDs.The white LEDs are a good general purpose fishing lightPackage Included:1 X LED Underwater Fishing Light

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