Heal Force Medical Portable ECG EKG Monitor Machine 3 Channel Heart Rate Monitor


3.5 large clear LCD screen.
Voice to guide operation measurement.
2 Kinds of Measurement: 30s Quick Measurement with 3 built-in metal electrode and long time measurement by 4. External lead wire and adhesive electrodes.
Display 3 channels of ECG waveform, measurement result and heart rate.
19 types of measuring results can be presented.
Large Memory Capacity: Max.24-hours data storage for single channel, or 8 hours for 3 channels.
Data Management: data records can be reviewed, deleted and upload to PC by USB cable.
Auto wave filter, provide steady waveform and filter clutter.
Create different ID, measure ECG for various people.
Heart rate alarm: Settable high low alarm limit, the default value is: 120bpm 60bpm.
Settable Auto power off time: 90s, 2/5/10/15min.
Small in size, portable to carry.
FDA and CE approved, good quality guaranteed.

Quick Measurement Type:
The ECG signal can be detected by the following lead selection:
1. Palms (both hands on unit)
2. Wrist (right hand and Left wrist)
3. Chest (right hand and chest)
4. Leg (right hand and left leg)

Long Time Measurement Type:
Constant ECG signal can be detected by external laed wire and adhesive electrode:
1. Limb Lead Measurement: need of 4 adhesive electrode; Measure 3 channel ECG signal for lead I, Lead II, Lead III simultaneously; Settable measuring time: 1/5/10/30 min or constant.
2. Single Lead Measurement: need of 3 adhesive electrode; Measure single channel of ECG signal for lead I or Lead II or Lead III or Lead V according to placement.Settable measuring time: 1/5/10/30 min or constant.

Wave Gain Function:
X1: ECG waveform amplitude scale; X2: twice size of the nominal scale; X4: four times size of the nominal scale.

How to Upload Data to PC?
1.Contact our customer service to get installation package for PC-180D software.
2.Click on installation package, and install the software with guide.
3.Connect the machine with PC by USB cable.
4.Create new user ID on the software and import machine data into software, then you can check, delete, and print those data.

1.The measurement results are useful for reference for doctors, but don't make direct diagnostic or analytical decision based on the information provided by this device.
2.The software can only be installed on computers which use Microsoft operating system.

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