Heal Force OLED Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor


One-button operation, easy to use.
Accurate and Reliable: Generation 2 LFC technology, light-shading technology with advancedsensor to monitor SPO2((blood oxygen saturation:35-100%), pulse rate (30-240bpm) and perfusionindex within 8s.
Four-Direction Display Mode: 0.95 OLED screen, data, bar graph and plethysmogra can be displayin 4 directions for convenient reading(press the button).
Alarm Function with Sound: When your SPO2 data is under 90%, Pulse rate is under 60 or above120, it will alarm with sound and flashing data.
Auto power off when pull out your finger, battery status indication.
It is water-proof and drop-resistant.
Quality Guaranteed by Tests: Passed tests of FDA CE, suitable for family, hospital, clinic,community healthcare etc.
Light-weighted and convenient to carry.

Nail polish may effect measuring accuracy, too long fingernail may cause failure or in accurateresult.

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