iMars T10 2-in-1 Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Car Receiver Transmitter Dual Signal One-button Switching HiFi Adapter


Specification:Input voltage: DC/SVDrive: mo need to installInput interface: 3.5mm audioSize: 43mm X 21mm X 11mmBluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0Transmission distance: 15 metersProduct name: Audio Bluetooth AdapterFeatures:● Equip a car with an artifact● Bluetooth 5.0 fully compatible.● No need to drive plug and play.● 15m transmission signal stability.● Noise reduction HiFi sound quality.● Fully compatible automatic matching.●Computer connected to Bluetooth headset/speaker● Dual signal one-button switching, can receive and transmit.- Red light means entering the launch mode.- Blue light means entering the receiving mode.● Driver less plug and play: Bluetooth fast match connection for easier use.●TV connection Bluetooth headset: bring a Bluetooth headset and watch the game late at night.●Enjoy CD-quality lossless sound quality: powered by a new version of Bluetooth, sound quality is more stable.●Accept / transmit 2 in 1: accept RX + transmit two-in-one design, dual signal one-button switching is easy to use.●Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility is stronger: signal transmission is faster and more stable, listening to songs is not stuck.● Instantly become a Bluetooth speaker: just plug it in, the traditional speaker is immediately full of blood and resurrected.Scope to use:This Bluetooth adapter can be used for almost all digital products with audio input/output (3.5MM audio interface), just connect the audio to the input/output.How to use the launch function:1.Plug the device into the US

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