Irwin Marples Circular Saw Blade 254 x 30mm x 60T ATBNeg M


The Irwin Marples Circular Saw Blades are made from carbide which is larger and tougher than standard carbide for up to 3 times longer life. The teeth can also be re-sharpened. The body of the blade is laser cut to ensure a more straight and clean cut. Precision tensioning provides greater accuracy. The blades have a special coating with aluminium flakes that help to dissipate heat for smooth, cool cuts. The Alternate Top Bevel tooth grind (ATB) is ideal for cross-cutting and ripping in all woods.The IRWIN Marples IRW1897460 Circular Saw Blade has the following specifications:Diameter: 254mm.Bore: 30mm.Teeth: 60.

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