LF TENS Unit Electric Pulse Massager Pain Relief Machine Shoulder Back Body Massager


Effect Functions: relief pain and soreness of muscles, ease fatigue, stiffness, and improve blood circulation etc.
5 Modes: combination, tapping, shiatsu, Tuina(Pull Push), Kneading.
Intensity Speed Adjustable: 10 intensity levels adjustable to meet your comfortable massage need.
Perfect for massage on shoulder, back, waist, legs, arms.
Mini and portable, simple operation, convenient to use.

1.Not for patients who are undiagnosed or have implanted devices and physical disease.
2.Do not apply it over chest, neck, head, wounded area, or in bath, sleeping.
3.Please start it from the lowest speed and intensity first, and gradually adjust it to a comfortable level.
4.Don't use it with other medical equipments at the same time, or within 1 meter scope of shortwave or microwave equipments.

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