New Pre Filled Disposable E Cigarette Cake Sticks Vaporizer 1.0ML pod 280mAh Rechargeable Battery Thick Oil Carts USA Ship


We produce various disposable electronic cigarette products and support OEM; ODM has a complete production line. All ordered products will be quickly packaged and shipped; the packaging is complete, and the order quantity has been sent! We provide after-sales and transportation services! If you need to indicate the color requirements, please leave a message in the order; we will send the package according to the order. If it is not marked, we will randomly choose to send the package! Electronic cigarettes are special products; please sell them in accordance with local policies. It is forbidden for 21-year-old minors to purchase products! Packing List: the packing box is individually packed; after confirming the payment order, it will take about 15-20 days for delivery in North America. Around 7-10 days in Europe.syi

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