OEDO Anti-aging Snail and Gold Essence


Deep repair, contractive pore, skin tightening.
Moderate repair: Comfortable damaged muscle, moderate repair problems.
Moisturizing hydrating: Supply moisture to skin, to help find the sense of water embellish.
Purify skin: Secondary cleaning the skin, improve skin more is bulky.
Desalt blain to imprint: Snail in fluids have good repair essence.
Snail selection filtrate: Repair skin, improve acne and blain to imprint, and make skin soft and smooth.
Glycerol: Moisture, reduce the melanin deposit, make the skin exquisite and delicate clean and smooth.
24K gold powder: Tight and smooth and improve the appearance of fine lines make skin soft plump and elastic.
Natural snail mucus content as high as 92%.

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