Professional Automatic Frame Laminator Bracket Pressure Laminating Machine for iPhone with 5 Moulds AC220V


This is an automatic frame laminating machine with built-in air compressor.
Come with 5 phone moulds for iPhone, including 4 lower moulds and 1 upper mould.
4 lower moulds: 4/4s, 5/5s/5c, 6(4.7), 6(5.5). 1 upper mould: 6(4.7).
The upper mould is only needed for iPhone 6 frame pressing and it is easy and convenient to install.
2 ways to press: manual press and auto press. Press the left and right start button together for manual press mode, open the automatic switch on the side for automatic press mode.
With this machine, you can install the frame of phones easily and quickly.

How to use:
Connect to the power supply and turn on the power switch.
Rotate the emergency stop switch clockwise, it will gently bounce.
Open the heating switch, set the temperature to 180

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