Runtz Disposable Vape Pen Press Vapes E Cigarettes Empty 1.0ml Thick Oil Pod Atomizers 350mAh Battery Vapes Bottom Rechargeable Vaporizers Ecig with Display Box


Portable, Easy Use. Large intake hole, large vape. Rechargeable bottom. Provide full, smooth and pure taste. 10 pcs in 1 display box. Pen with foam package. The packaging is very suitable for display and sale. We have 4 colors to choose from, note that we are random color delivery. We specialize in e-cigarette, no matter atomizer, or disposable vape pen, 510 battery, or e-cigarette accessories, glass tubes, bags, ect. Our product is high quality, we do quality inspection before shipment. and there are a lot of e-cigarette prodcuts in stock, overseas warehouse, which provides fast shipment. We provide OEM service..syi

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