Starrett Super Flexback Bandsaw Blade 5ft 4.12in x 12in x 24tpi Raker


A general purpose economy blade which is made from Super Flexback high carbon steel. An ideal blade for a wide range of jobs and materials on standard horizontal and vertical bandsaw machines. – High carbon/chromium pinpoint carbide tool steel. – Hardened and tempered tooth tips – 64-66 Rockwell C Hardness. – Economical general purpose cutting. – Greatest variety of widths, thicknesses and tooth pitches to suit any purpose. – Ideal for contour and straight cutting. – 0.35 mm / .014in thickness suitable for cutting applications on small DIY machines. – Excellent fatigue factor provides long life on machines running at a high surface feet per minute. Suitable for: Metal, wood and plastics. Low alloy steels, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Furniture and composition boards.Raker Set – A recurring sequence of teeth set left and right, followed by one tooth unset. Frequency of unset teeth on variable pitch blades varies depending on the tooth configuration. Size. 5ft 4.1/2in x 1/2in x 24 tpi RakerTooth. Grade. Carbon Steel.

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