X3000 Respirator + High Pressure Pump (Black) + Respirator Bag Mini Diving Oxygen Bottle Set


Features:1. Mini, portable, suitable for outdoors and traveling.2. 57 times breath above water, or 21 times for adult under water.3. Multiple inflation methods, supports high-pressure manual pump or using scuba switch adapter.Specification:1. Material: Aluminum Alloy+ Silicone2. Surface Processing: Hard AnodizingSpraying Treatment3. Color: Yellow / Green / Black4. Capacity: 0.5L5. Length: 350mm6. Diameter: 59mm7. Pressure: 3000PSI / 200bar / 20MPa8. Water Volume: 26.62cu.in/0.42liters9. Gas Capacity: 3.0cu ft/85liters10. Breathing Number: 170times(0.5 Liters each time)11. Life Span: Resistant to sea water corrosion for over 500hrs.Work Time:In 1~3m Deep: 8~10minIn 3~7m Deep: 6~8minIn 7~10m Deep: 5~6minThree Inflateble Way:1. Manual high high-pressure air pump ( Optional)2. From the big oxygen bottle. (Not included)3. Electric pump.(Not included)Warning:Please do not use this product before you read and understand the instruction and notes.1. This product is suitable for recreational diving gas source within 10 meters. Do not try to use it as a gas source in deeper waters.2. This product can be used as a spare air source for recreational diving within a depth of 30 meters.3. Before using this product, t is strongly recommended that you be trained or certified by a recognized certification body in scuba diving technology. The use of this breathing apparatus by uncertified or trained personnel is dangerous and may cause serious injury or death.4. This product is suitable for u

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